Journalistic regrets

This past weekend, I had the privilege of escaping the Arizona heat by going out to Flagstaff with my family. During our trip we went to an animal exhibit called Bearizona. It was an outdoor facility (obviously) where you could see various forest animals such as wolves, racoons, porcupines, and so much more. The Black bears were the main attraction along with other types of bears. The location even allowed you to have a close encounter with the bears (inside you car with the windows closed) as you go down a dirt path. The reason why I’m talking about this place? My journalism instincts came in long after we left. I had the perfect opportunity to film the things going on in there, as well as interview the workers knowing it’s a place that a lot of people have never heard about.. I know I haven’t. This isn’t the first time this has happened either. I had the same incident happen during a trip to Sea World San Diego when I saw the Cirque de la Mer show. They even gave us an opportunity to meet the stunt men and women after the show! This just shows that I have to learn from my mistakes and think like a journalist every hour of every day. Thank you for reading my rant. I will post a video of some black bear cubs fighting to make up for it! Thank you again.(:


Goodbye Summer Nights, Hello Senior Year.

Being in a year-round school district, my summer is coming to an end. As of Monday I am going to be a senior in high school. Although I have been to the same school for four years, I still have the same fears I had in my freshman year; Will I talk to the same friends that I had last year? Who am I going to sit with at lunch? Will I pass all my classes?
On top of those, I have new fears in becoming a senior; Am I going to graduate? Will I gather enough scholarships to have money for college? Will I get a better score on my ACT this year?
It’s going to be hard, getting used to my senior year, especially with all my friends who were seniors last year being gone. Sure, I have friends in my class as well, but I feel like we’re just not as close as we used to be, and that sucks. It just means I’m going to have to start over and hope for the best. It will also give me an opportunity to really focus on my goals for the future: becoming a journalist, and a good one at that. After my SJI experience in early June, I am fully equipped to help my journalism classes (newspaper, TV production 3) become better programs for my last year of high school, as well as future students.

So much to do, so little time!

As I sit here in my aunt’s house in Hammond, Indiana, I feel at home. I just got here on Wednesday night and am staying for a week. Once I get back to AZ I only have 4 days left until I start school again! As much as I have enjoyed my summer, there’s just so many more things I want to do. There are friends that I won’t be able to hang out with and places I won’t be able to go to because I’ll be busy preparing for my senior year. I guess these things will have to wait until fall break!(: For now, I’m enjoying my week here and cherishing the time I have with my family, because when I leave, I  probably won’t see them again for another two years.

Last Session

As we turn off the studio lights and finish making our music videos..we have finally reached the end of the Cronkite program. Although I didn’t get the chance to truly get to know ever single person in the institute, I still consider everyone like my family, my SJI family. I enjoyed listening to the professors and learning so much


more about journalism, and this institute has helped open my eyes about the stressful reality, but also how fun journalism is. We’ve all gotten to the point where we’ve pulled our own hair out trying to meet deadlines, but in the end, it was worth the pride and joy we put into our work, and the end result is what makes it so great. knowing that people from all over the nation, and with different backgrounds, we’ve all managed to become so close in just two weeks..and that’s what made this experience so special. So thank you to everyone in this institute..the students.. the counselors.. and Anita Luera for making me feel at home. Long live the SJI12 family!


Time Crunch much?

Approaching the end of the program has put a lot of pressure on us to get things done. On the bright side, my news team did our broadcast yesterday afternoon and ROCKED IT! Granted it took us a couple runs to make sure all the packages ran smoothly, but once we were finished, a giant weight was taken off our shoulders. Now we have been assigned to create a music video to a specific song. Also,today we are doing a radio broadcast with our news teams! WHOO! So much in so little time. Wish us luck!Image

Having fun so far

Being the first day back from a relaxing weekend, today was tough. Now I’m back in the swing of things and ready to roll! Earlier today the Broadcast family had the opportunity to visit CBS radio building. We were able to meet Lady La for 101.5 JAMZ studios (photo below).. She even put in a shout-out on air for me! We also got to meet Kaley O’Kelley from channel 3 in the Cronkite building. So far, this has been a good day.

Update for the week

When this program started on June 3rd, I only had a little knowledge as to what I was going to be doing for the next two weeks. Now as we approach the weekend, I cannot wait to see what’s in store for next week!

On June 5th, the broadcast group got to tour radio stations KTAR and POWER98. It was interesting to see the contrasts between the two and what it is like behind a radio broadcast.

The next day, we had the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Chase field. We walked in the editing rooms and got to see how the graphics for the “Jumbotron” are made. The Cronkite kids even made it on the big screen during the game!

Yesterday, The students in the broadcast group were off to shoot their news stories for our newscasts. I was assigned to do a story on the interns at the Transitional Genomics Research Institute (TGen). It was amazing to watch students in High school and college help scientists find cures to major diseases such as cancer, alzheimer’s, and autism, just to name a few.

Today, we are now putting the pieces of a difficult puzzle together: In other words, editing. In the picture, you will see my notepad and pencil  in which I am developing a script for my voice over. Can’t wait for the final result!(: